Opposite Avocado Towers in Westlands, Nairobi Kenya, lies a gem of its kind. Nestled in a quiet compound, and with no indication that life exists there, you may pass it as one of the many residential homes in the area. Where trespassers are not welcome, not even stray dogs. Those whose gates bear the signage: ‘Mbwa Kali’, which is not sound Swahili but who cares. (But this compound doesn’t bear that signage).

Saturday 17th June 2017 at 8.45am I found myself in this compound. Tells you a lot about my Friday evenings. No? After being asked to wait a little bit for my request to be processed, I decide to take a walk. Right there, next door, I find this business selling all sorts of succulents. For the indoor plants enthusiasts, this is the place to visit. Plants in cups, plants in plastic containers, plants in metallic containers, plants in small clay pots. Plants with silver leaves. Plants growing under the shade. Plants growing under the bright sun. Plants so tiny you might mistake them for stones scattered on the floor. All succulents.

And farm produce. Some soap and oils.

At one of the shelves, I see this cactus, growing gracefully and not competing with the others for space. Such a gorgeous one. She was the gem I had been looking for. ‘She’ because the owner, one beautiful lady with a smile from corner to corner told me that the cactus is a she. I couldn’t argue on that seeing that am not a botanist. She also informed me that succulents is the in-thing for those who get awed when they come across living plants, more so those which survive indoor climates.

And after purchasing her (purchasing already sounds gross), the owner aptly asked me to name her. Never good in names, I didn’t attempt to utter a word then. My friend helped me with that task. Chloe, she said. And Chloe it is.



Welcome to my space Chloe, your beauty is already overshadowing all.

If you want to experience an epiphany like myself, visit Migwi Farm. Thank me later.