It is fine for Kenya’s economy to be in deficit…….

That was from a “lecturer”. The type that teach in those colleges/schools in town established on top of pubs and other unprintable businesses. Those that promise to make you a pilot after four years only to find yourself under the bus and money lost.

He was a presenter in one of those meetings I constantly attend, usually held in high-end hotels in the city. It was in the afternoon and I slept immediately after that statement. I didn’t (don’t) regret sleeping in that session. I guess I should have gone for a refund. Who gets good sleep knowing well that they are burdened by debts month in month out? That they are constantly in the negative? Who? You? Then why should it be alright for the government to be in the negative? (Forget about economic theories because so far, they seem not to help us). Why should it not bother the citizenry who are constantly financing its operations, some of which are unnecessary to the people? Totally ignoring the welfare of the citizens. Ignoring that “salus populi suprema lex“: the welfare of the people is the supreme law.

Why money gets stolen from companies and the government is that we tend to treat these entities as detached from us. That whatever happens to them may not affect us. Which is wrong really. Am yet to see a company close shop and retain some of its staff. So when as an individual you steal from your employer thinking that its none of your concerns, soon it becomes your business. Same to the government.

Same case with people selling us poison. Why do we do these things? Greed or what? At the end of the day you wish you grew your own food, but in the cities, this is next to impossible. Like I was told by a colleague that majority of the fruits in the city are made to ripen faster by using formalin. I almost puked. Why would a human being do that? How much money will he/she make over and above if the fruits were otherwise ripened? What if your child partakes of this poison? This does not touch your heart – or even prick your nerves a little? Just?

The more reason we resign to fate – living one day at a time, until the day we own a small plot like 100kms from the city, construct a small shelter and start a kitchen garden. But this takes a while, unless you win a jackpot, thereby putting our health in jeopardy. Then given the bedridden public health sector in the country, once we get sick, we exhaust all our savings, our family and close friends’ in order to fight the disease. Which is just sickening.

You see, ladies and gentlemen, the following habit is plainly annoying and disgusting;

I call it Lying with a Straight Face

Ever met someone who starts to narrate to you how they are what they are not? So that they raise their profile, size you then like a python preparing to swallow its prey, swindle you of your cash and (or) your property? Then you are left asking yourself: how did that just happen? You even laugh at yourself instead of pitying yourself.

So, this man, let’s call him Mr. Wa* enters the interview room and starts explaining himself that all his certificates are in a deposit safe in a bank and does not have any copies for the same. At first you are taken aback but since he is answering the questions to the details, you choose to ignore the bank-safe-box story. But you also remember that he is wearing worn out shoes, which should be a red flag but who cares? It’s a hustling nation.

Two or three months down the line, your staff and customers are swindled their hard-earned cash through an intricate web of lies, false promises and misrepresentation. And then you are left with the broken egg on your face.

*this story is partly true.

But then this person will eventually run out of excuses, will be cornered and all the lies he had lived telling will be exposed to everyone. And then we shall have an opinion on him, and tell our generations to avoid him like plague, together with his/her children and the children’s children. Ever heard someone whispering to his children: “avoid that family, they are fraudsters”?

Or these other fellows who come with a sweet tongue and convince you that if you lent them some few coins, they would return in good time. Then they do the return in the first two months, they gain your trust before they ask for a huge amount which they never return. How do you live such a life? Then they start telling you stories that do not add up: the director who was supposed to sign the cheque is away on holiday (3 years down the line and the holiday is still on?). Then there is this one who will tell you that the money was sent to a wrong account and that his/her client is commencing the process or rewiring the money. Then you wait and wait. Then wait again, until your coffee gets cold, you become cold and decide to either forget about the money or the friendship.

Then there is this new breed of cons in our streets nowadays. You get in a contract to do something (service) or deliver supplies for someone which you do to the right quality and in the agreed timeline. You then present your invoice and the waiting begins. You wait, a year passes. You wait, grey hair sprouts on your head. You wait, soon you are a grandparent. You are still waiting. By the way, when you refuse to pay your suppliers and those that have worked for you, where do you expect them to get money to buy food, pay for school fees, rent, fuel, clothing, tithe, alcohol and entertainment?

I do understand that the economy may not be at its best but please pay back what you owe.

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